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Does Homeowners Insurance Cover Damage Done By Pets?

You love your pet. But what happens when you come home and find your sofa destroyed or a door chewed apart by your furry friend? Here’s what you need to know about pet damage and its relation to your Avon Lake, OH homeowners insurance policy.

Damage Done to Your Property By a Pet is Typically Not Covered

In most cases, damage done to your property by a pet you own is typically not covered. In the eyes of the insurance industry, pets are seen as property. So, essentially, your dog eating through the pipes in your basement or causing damage to the drywall is the same as something you own doing damage to something else you own. In the end, most carriers do not see this as a covered loss.

What About Damage Done to Someone Else’s Property?

In certain extreme circumstances, there might be coverage for damage done by your pet to someone else’s property. For example, if your pet breaks out of the backyard and destroys the neighbor’s expensive patio set, this might be covered. 

This goes both ways. If the problem starter is Aunt Bertha’s beloved canine companion and she’s just visiting for the holidays, there’s a good chance her homeowner’s insurance company might have to pay for the damage to your sofa. Of course, filing a claim with our Meiners Insurance team might make Thanksgiving dinner a little awkward for all parties involved. Yikes!

It All Comes Down to Carrier Terminology

In the end, whether to cover pet damage or not all comes down to your individual insurance carrier. If you find yourself in this situation, it is always better to contact your Avon Lake, OH insurance agent for guidance.

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