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Why recreational insurance is important for ATV owners

Meiners Insurance can provide the insurance services you need to protect your ATV and other recreational vehicles in the Avon Lake, OH area. If you’re wondering how much or what type of insurance will best meet your needs, give us a call or come by our office today. We look forward to seeing you soon!

What ATV owners need to know about insurance

When it comes to protecting your ATV, the most important aspect to consider is liability coverage. Even if you are on private land, you can still be held responsible for any accidents or injuries that occur as a result of your vehicle.

Having robust coverage for the vehicle itself is also important. You will want to have protection if your ATV is damaged or stolen or rendered unusable after an accident. 

These are just a few examples where having comprehensive ATV insurance would be beneficial. Many people think that because they aren’t driving on public roads, there’s no need for insurance. This can be a dangerous decision to make, especially if you have a lot of friends or family members who are also using the vehicle.

Now is a great time to get insurance. This will make riding your vehicle even more fun knowing you have the protection you need.

We look forward to working with you!

Avon Lake, OH area residents rely on the team at Meiners Insurance for all of their insurance needs. If you have any questions or want to learn more about the ATV insurance options that are available in our area, we are here to help! Come by our office or give us a call today and we will help you find the most appropriate policy for your needs!

How can renters insurance in Ohio protect someone?

Renting a home in the Avon Lake, OH area is a good idea for many people. If you are a renter when you are here, you will have more flexibility to move when you want and fewer maintenance responsibilities. While renting does not come with the same long-term commitment as owning a home does, you will still want to have the right insurance. A proper renters’ insurance plan can protect someone in this state in various ways. 

Renters’ Insurance: What You Need To Know

Offset Liability Risks

One of the reasons you should get a renters’ insurance plan in Ohio is to offset your liability risks. There is always a chance that you could cause an accident in your home. If this results in injuries or property damage, you could be liable for all damages. If you are properly insured with a renters’ insurance plan, it will provide you with the support needed to mitigate this risk as you will have support if you are found liable. 

Cover Personal Assets

It can also be a good idea to get renters insurance as it will help to cover your personal assets. Anyone moving into a new rental home is going to bring with them various personal belongings. These can include furniture, clothing, electronics, and various other items that could quickly add up in value. To ensure your personal items are covered, you will always want to carry a renter’s insurance plan. This will help ensure you are able to replace these items if you are a victim of theft or some other form of damage. 

Contact Us Today

If you are going to rent a home in the Avon Lake, OH area, you will want to have the proper insurance in place. The team with Meiners Insurance can help you select the right policy for your situation. When you do call Meiners Insurance, you can learn more about the typical renter’s insurance requirements and the advantages that come with this coverage. Based on this support, you can choose the right policy for your situation. 

Why RV Insurance is a Good Investment

Owning an RV sounds fun, but it requires a significant investment. First off, the purchase price isn’t cheap. Then, you need to be diligent with the ongoing maintenance routine to keep your luxury vehicle in tip-top condition. And that’s not all. Don’t forget about RV insurance from Meiners Insurance in Avon Lake, OH, because you need it to protect your investment.

But does RV insurance matter? Or it’s just another payment we make religiously to comply with the law? If you have been having second thoughts about RV insurance, you had better think again. RV insurance is worth many times the actual price you pay the premiums. Here are reasons why RV insurance is worth every penny.

Why RV Insurance is a Good Investment

Protects you against liabilities

In America, going on about life without liability insurance is a dangerous move. It only takes one liability claim to mess up with your finances. When using your RV, you may cause an accident that inflicts injuries and property damage to others. Without liability coverage, you may need to cover these costs from your pocket. However, third-party claims shouldn’t be much of a headache if you have liability coverage.

Protects your asset

As mentioned, RV is a significant investment. And just like your car or home, your RV is susceptible to numerous risks like theft, fire, vandalism, falling objects, and natural disasters. Instead of taking chances with your prized investment, protect it with RV insurance.

It’s required

A travel trailer towable by your vehicle doesn’t need RV insurance because your car insurance covers it. However, self-propelled RVs like camper vans must-have RV insurance to meet the state’s requirements. Furthermore, your lender may require you to invest in RV insurance until you pay off the loan.

Give Us A Call

Convinced that RV insurance is a worthwhile investment? It’s time to purchase a policy in Avon Lake, OH from Meiners Insurance. Call us today for an affordable quote.

What Does Boat Insurance Cover?

When you own a boat, you may be wondering if you need insurance for it. It isn’t required, though you should really think about getting some for your own protection. While considering whether or not you want insurance in Avon Lake, OH, you should figure out what it covers. Meiners Insurance offers a list of coverages to consider below. 

Here are some things that your boat insurance will cover 

Your boat itself. Though some plans will cover more than others, your insurance could cover the cost to repair it if it is damaged. It could also replace it if your boat gets stolen. Your boat doesn’t even have to be in the water to be covered! 

Property damage. If you damage someone else’s boat or property (such as a dock), you will be held liable for it. Your insurance will cover these costs. 

Medical bills. If you or your passengers are injured in an accident, you are going to have to pay for the medical bills, which can add up quickly. Your liability insurance will cover these expenses. 

Legal fees. Your liability insurance will also cover any legal fees if you end up getting sued over the accident. 

Other people’s negligence. Your boat insurance will likely have underinsured and uninsured insurance. This is used to cover any expenses that the other party may not be able to pay with their insurance.

The best way to make sure that you have enough insurance is to talk to a professional. If you are serious about it, you should contact us at Meiners Insurance in Avon Lake, OH. We will be glad to go over your options to ensure that you feel good about your insurance. 

4 Add-ons to Consider for your Motorcycle Insurance

Insurance protects your vehicle or motorcycle and is also a financial planning tool. Regrettably, the importance of a solid motorcycle insurance plan is widely underrated, yet it can save you when you least expect it. Unfortunately, most riders either ride without insurance or are underinsured. At Meiners Insurance of Avon Lake, OH, we are here to share “add-ons” or “riders” to consider for your motorcycle insurance for optimal protection.

Roadside assistance

No one likes to be stuck on the road. Unfortunately, mechanical and electrical breakdowns are part of bike ownership. While roadside assistance coverage won’t minimize the inconvenience of a breakdown, it will save you financially. Roadside assistance comes to your rescue when your bike stalls miles away from home. Roadside assistance coverage can cover you in case of:

  • Dead battery
  • Lost key
  • Flat key
  • Running out of gas
  • Low fluids

This coverage protects you by providing expenses like gas delivery, towing, battery jumpstarting, and other services listed in your policy.

Total loss coverage

This coverage helps replace your two-wheeler with a newer version when stolen or totaled. This coverage bridges the gap between the “replacement cost value” of the bike and the “actual cash value.” This insurance policy absorbs the depreciation factor, which otherwise you would cover from your pocket.

OEM endorsement

This insurance coverage ensures that only original parts are used when repairing your bike. If the OEM part is unavailable, you receive compensation based on the part’s fair value in the market.

Personal belongings coverage

It covers personal stuff like the helmet, riding gear, and other personal items on your bike when stolen or damaged.

Protect your bike with motorcycle insurance

Need to boost your motorcycle insurance in Avon Lake, OH? Why don’t you get in touch with Meiners Insurance? We will advise on appropriate add-ons suitable for your bike insurance.

How Umbrella Insurance Works

What happens if damages you caused in an accident exceed the amount of your insurance coverage? If you have an umbrella insurance policy, then you may be covered. If not, you could incur additional expenses. There are benefits to having an umbrella policy.

Here at Meiners Insurance in Avon Lake, OH, we want to provide you with the right insurance policy options that suit your situation. With that in mind, here’s how umbrella insurance works.

What is Umbrella Insurance?

Umbrella insurance is additional personal liability insurance. It provides protection beyond the limits of your existing coverage for your home, auto, or boat.

Furthermore, it can provide coverage for:

  • Injuries
  • Damages
  • Certain lawsuits
  • Personal liability situation

How Does Umbrella Insurance Work?

Since umbrella insurance provides liability insurance, it will cover you if you are at fault.

For example, let’s say a guest falls in your home. Your homeowner’s insurance, if it includes personal liability, would cover the injured person’s expenses up to the limit specified in your policy. Umbrella insurance, on the other hand, would cover any additional expenses the injured person experiences.

Also, liability doesn’t just exist for injuries. Liability also applies to damage to property. Also, liability exists in cases of slander and libel.

Therefore, umbrella insurance provides you with extra protection when:

  • You are liable
  • You have reached the limit of your basic policy
  • Your other policies don’t cover your liability, such as slander or libel

Finally, an umbrella policy covers not only the policyholder, but it covers everyone in the household.

Think of Umbrella Insurance as Above and Beyond

Basically, you can think of umbrella insurance as liability insurance above and beyond your normal coverage.

Contact Meiners Insurance in Avon Lake, OH to find out more about umbrella insurance coverage.

What to do if your condo is damaged

Meiners Insurance is here to serve the insurance needs of the Avon Lake, OH community. We understand that having to file an insurance claim may not be at the top of anyone’s list of things they want to do, but we can help make the process as stress-free as possible. That’s just one great benefit of working with a local agent!

What to do after your condo is damaged

A lot of people choose to purchase a condo because of the low-maintenance lifestyle that they offer. If you are living in a condo that has been damaged, you may be wondering what to do next. The first thing you will need to do is address any health and safety issues. If the unit has become uninhabitable, you will need to find suitable living arrangements first.

If you have been robbed or a victim of vandalism, be sure to notify the police. You will need a copy of their report when filing a claim with your insurance agent. Once you are in a safe place and you have notified the authorities if necessary, give your local insurance agent a call. They can provide the next steps and offer advice when it comes to the claims filing process.

Experiencing any type of event that causes damage to your home is never pleasant. But, when you work with a local agent you will have someone on your side throughout the entire claims process. 

We are here to help you throughout the entire claims process!

If you are a condo owner in the greater Avon Lake, OH area, you can rely on Meiners Insurance for all of your insurance needs. If you would like to learn more about our services, call or stop by our office today!

Why umbrella insurance is so important for growing companies

Business owners turn to the team at Meiners Insurance to help them protect their commercial interests in the greater Avon Lake, OH area. If you are the owner of a growing business, it may be time to add a commercial umbrella policy to your insurance portfolio. Protect your hard work with a comprehensive insurance plan!

Benefits of commercial umbrella policies

Like most insurance types, commercial policies have protection limits. This means that once your policy is exhausted, you become financially responsible for any loss that your business may suffer. It is because of this that many business owners also carry umbrella policies to protect their companies. 

For example, if your company suffers a catastrophic loss through a covered event, your primary policy may not be enough to cover all of the damage. Fortunately, there are supplemental policies that businesses can carry. An umbrella policy will go into effect when and if the primary policy is exhausted.

This type of protection is especially important for companies that are growing. A growing company that is just hitting its stride can be decimated by a significant and uncovered loss. Because of this, business owners who are still in growth mode and not yet established will want to pay close attention to their umbrella policy options. Make sure that you have the right protection in place at the appropriate coverage level.

Count on us for your commercial insurance needs

At Meiners Insurance, we understand how much hard work and dedication it takes to grow a successful business. If it’s time to review the protection that your current commercial policy provides for your Avon Lake, OH business, we can help. Call us today to schedule a consultation to review your policy needs.

3 Benefits Of Condo Insurance

Meiners Insurance serves the Avon Lake, OH community, as well as the surrounding areas. For over 20 years, we have strived to make sure that our clients are protected in any situation. We offer flexible policies that align with our client’s individual needs. We look forward to providing you with excellent customer service.

3 Benefits Of Condo Insurance

There are several beautiful condos in the Avon Lake, OH community. If you are staying at one of these appealing properties, consider adding condo insurance. Before adding condo insurance, be sure to take inventory of your personal items. That way, you will have a point of reference if your belongings are stolen or vandalized. Condo insurance also covers any damage to your personal items because of a fire or natural disaster. Liability coverage is another important part of your policy. If you invite friends over, you are covered if they suffer an injury on your property. You are also covered if you accidentally cause damage to your neighbor’s property. Here is a look at some important benefits of condo insurance.

Additional Living Coverage

Perhaps an emergency occurs at your condo, and you have to vacate the premises while the unit is repaired. If you add alternative living coverage to your policy, you are covered if you need to stay elsewhere for a period of time until the unit is repaired.

Your Belongings Are Covered When You Travel

If you plan to take a vacation, you can have peace of mind that your belongings are covered if something happens while you are traveling.

Luxury Items

If you have luxury items in your condo, you can add extra coverage to protect you if those items are damaged.

Meiners Insurance Will Help You Protect Your Assets

Visit our website to learn more information about condo insurance.

Required Auto Insurance in Ohio

In Ohio, there are specific minimums you are required to have in your auto policy. These minimums are the amount you are required to have, but you can always add extra coverage to your policies. Many people do this because they want to be better protected against serious accidents. With medical bills and car repair bills so high, it’s usually smart to raise your amounts of coverage. If you need auto insurance, give us a call at Meiners Insurance in Avon Lake, OH.

Bodily Injury Liability

The state requires you to have a specific amount of coverage to pay for one person who is injured or killed in an accident that you cause. There is another amount required for the injury or death of two people or more. These liability amounts are relatively low when you look at how high medical bills can be. It’s often recommended to add some extra coverage to this policy. 

Property Damage Liability

In Ohio, you also have to have a specific amount of property damage liability. This pays for the damage to the other person’s vehicle in an accident that you caused. The amount required in Ohio is midrange among states, so you may not need to increase this coverage to stay protected. 

Other Auto Coverage

Those required types of coverage are great to have for taking care of your liability, but that leaves nothing for you after an accident. Many people choose to add a collision policy to their auto insurance. This policy covers the damage done to your vehicle after an accident that you caused. You can also get comprehensive insurance which protects your car from a number of other risks.

Get Your Vehicle Covered

To stay legal and protected when driving, you need auto insurance. Call us at Meiners Insurance in Avon Lake, OH.

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