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Ohio Commercial Business Insurance: How to Protect Against Cyber Threats

In this day and age, having a business in Ohio is going to come with a lot of responsibilities and concerns. A large concern today is hacking, data breaches, and ransomware. This is what cybersecurity insurance is for in your commercial insurance policy.

At Meiners Insurance, we want Avon Lake, OH business owners to have the most thorough cybersecurity protection possible. In addition to cybersecurity insurance, there are steps you can take to protect your company’s data, networks, and technology.

Password Protection

Having a good password policy at work can change the face of your entire business. Make sure that you have password protection for each of your devices and users. Create passwords that are impossible to guess, using long characters and words a hacker can’t detect.

Install Security Software

You may already have anti-spyware and anti-virus software on your network. Beef that up a little with security software that will protect everything.

Be sure that you have updates on everything and have all operating systems fully up to date. You want to also be sure that this information is only available to certain employees. 

Your IT department, or yourself if you don’t have one, should be the only ones responsible for updates to your technology and software. Limit access to ensure your internal threats are minimized.

Lock Up Technology When Not in Use

When your business is closed for the day, make sure that your technology is locked up or secure. Passwords are one way to do this. Keep technology not in use in a safe or locked closet when and wherever possible.

Keep a list of all of your technology and inventory and update it on a regular basis. Your commercial insurance company will be happy to know that you have a tight security system for your technology.

Get Cybersecurity Insurance Today

If you don’t have cybersecurity insurance yet, now is the time to do it. At Meiners Insurance, we want Avon Lake, OH business owners to have thorough coverage to meet their cybersecurity protection needs. It is easier to get this insurance when you have an established security system in place. Call us for a quote today.

Can Classic Car Insurance Help With Vehicle Upgrades?

Owning a classic car is a fun and entertaining experience for many people. But what if you need to upgrade your vehicle or add aftermarket parts to keep it running? Will your classic car insurance help you, or are you out of luck? Thankfully, we at Meiners Insurance can help Avon Lake, OH classic car owners understand more about this fact to fully protect your car.

What To Know About Customization and Insurance 

Typically, a standard auto insurance policy won’t cover your modifications or customization job is done to a vehicle. However, you can get supplemental insurance that helps with changes and aftermarket upgrades. And with classic car insurance, you might get this type of policy at no extra cost. 

That fact all depends on many factors. First, classic car insurance is designed specifically for older vehicles that have been classified as “classic.” And it helps to cover changes to the car that may be necessary to keep it in a classic or operative state. 

As a result, it is possible that your classic car insurance could cover the modifications that you make to your vehicle. However, it is essential to know that not all policies are made the same. Some companies may not provide this option, leaving you in a challenging situation. Or states may limit the coverage options insurance companies can provide. 

What Can You Do About This Situation? 

If you own a classic car and want to find an insurance policy covering your modifications, please contact us at Meiners Insurance right away to learn more. We serve the Avon Lake, OH area and beyond and will work with you during this process. Our team can help you find a high-quality insurance policy that makes sense and which will help.

4 Tips for Storing Your RV in the Off Season

Easy Ways to Protect Your RV During the Winter

You’re in the middle of enjoying life on the open road right now, but cooler weather is just around the corner. At Meiners Insurance, we like to help our clients in Avon Lake, OH protect all of their assets, including their recreational vehicles. While a solid insurance policy can protect your recreational vehicle from damage and protect you from liability, there are also simple steps you can take to winterize your RV and keep it in top condition for years to come. 

Three Ways to Protect and Store Your RV for the Winter

Clean it Thoroughly, Inside and Out. You’ve heard of new car smell, but what about musty RV or boat smell? Anytime you’re storing a recreational vehicle for the winter, you should give it a top to bottom cleaning so that you don’t come back to unpleasant odors, stale air, or, worse, bugs and rodents. Pay special attention to the floors, fridge and cabinets, making sure all food and crumbs are removed. Applying a wax coat as your final stage of cleaning will protect your RV from UV damage. 

Unplug Everything! Next, go through your RV and unplug everything. And we mean everything. Turn off the main circuit breaker, unplug all appliances, remove batteries from clocks, flashlights, and other gadgets. Finally, remove the RV’s battery and store it in a cool, dry place. Do not leave your RV connected to shore power for the entire off-season as this can deplete your cell battery. Instead, keep the battery on a maintenance charger designed for long-term storage. Taking these steps will prolong the life of your RV and prevent short circuits and fires. 

Plug Everything! We know we just told you to unplug everything, but you should also plug (or cover) everything. Critter damage and sun damage are two dangers recreational vehicles face during the off-season. To protect from nesting birds and rodents, step inside your RV when you’re ready to store it and see if light is getting in anywhere. If light can get in, then small animals can get in. Use expanding foam or wadding to plug all entryways. To protect against sun damage, either choose covered storage or use a tarp to keep your RV fully covered throughout the winter. 

Top Off All Fluids. Last but not least, take a moment to get an oil change and make sure all your fluids are topped off. Fuel naturally deteriorates while an RV is in storage, so add a fuel-storage stabilizer to the tank to keep the air around the fuel from condensing and to prevent deterioration. 

Taking these four simple steps will ensure that you’re ready to roll at the first signs of spring and keep your RV running smooth for longer. Looking for more ways to safeguard your assets? Contact Meiners Insurance to request a quote for Recreational Vehicle Insurance. We’ll protect your investments so you can spend your time enjoying the open road. 

Things To Look For When Researching Renters Insurance

Meiners Insurance offers coverage to the Avon Lake OH community, as well as the surrounding areas. We strive to make sure that our clients are protected if a disaster arises. The fear of the unknown can be scary. However, the right insurance coverage will make things a little easier. We look forward to helping you and showing you why we have been an industry leader for over 20 years.

Things To Look For When Researching Renters Insurance

Avon Lake, OH has several high-end rental properties throughout the city. If you are staying in one of those units, consider the benefits of renters insurance. Renters insurance covers all of your personal items if something were to happen.  Renters insurance also includes liability coverage to protect you if a guest is injured while visiting your property or if you accidentally cause damage to someone else’s property. You can also amend your policy to include temporary living coverage. If your unit suffers serious damage, you will be covered as you seek another place to stay until the property is repaired. Here is a look at some other variables to consider while researching coverage.

Building Size

Think about the size of the property and the number of units. The type of rental coverage you need may vary based on the size of the building.

Valuable Items

If you have a lot of luxury items at your rental property, consider adding extra coverage. That way, you will be fully protected if those are stolen or vandalized.


If you are staying in an area prone to severe weather, that may influence your coverage. You may also need to inquire about extra coverage.

Meiners Insurance Will Help You Protect Your Assets

Visit our website to learn more information about renters insurance.

3 Things to Know about Ohio RV Insurance

While living or staying in the Avon Lake, OH region, you’ll want to be sure to explore the beautiful country that surrounds us. Recreational vehicles allow you and your family the ability to explore areas away from your home for short or extended periods. At Meiners Insurance, we understand part of enjoying your leisure trips is having the peace of mind in knowing you’re covered.

Required Coverages

In Ohio, recreational vehicles require the same minimum coverage as a regular automobile. Basic liability coverage must have:

  • Bodily injury liability: $25,000.00 per person and $50,000.00 for all persons injured, per accident 
  • Property damage liability: $25,000.00 for harm or destruction of another’s property, per accident

In most cases, your RV will require a separate policy to cover the vehicle adequately. The cost of your RV coverage depends on the RV’s age, make, model, and sometimes optional safety features. 

Comprehensive and collision coverage can be added based on the market value of the RV or the total replacement cost for a similar make and model. This might give you a rounded minimum policy for you, your family, and passengers, but what about other considerations? 

Limited Time Coverage

In Ohio, RV coverage can only be purchased for up to 250 days a year. Longer RV coverage is excellent news for those who prefer extended stays in their homes away from home.

Personal Effects 

The RV insurance policy covers just the RV, not necessarily the contents. Consider inquiring about additional coverage that can help you replace personal belongings inside the RV, such as electronics or jewelry.

Tow Vehicles

If you’re towing a smaller vehicle or trailer behind your RV, you’ll be sure to want to ask about coverage for this and its contents. Additional policy coverage may be needed.

Contact Meiners Insurance

Faithfully serving Avon Lake, OH, and the surrounding areas, Meiners Insurance looks forward to helping you find the right Ohio RV Insurance for you. Contact us today for a free quote!

Common Questions About Boat Insurance

Do you own a yacht, pontoon boat, leisure crafts, sailboat, or jet boat? Would you like to enjoy navigating in the big waters of Lake Erie, Aurora pond, Mosquito Creek, or the Grand Lake St. Mary?

Well, it can all be fun, but you’ll at least need some insurance cover as part of your safety plan. It isn’t mandatory to hold boat insurance coverage if you are a boat owner in Avon Lake, OH, but here is why you should think of getting a policy anyway from Meiners Insurance.

Your boat is a treasured and expensive possession, and any damage to it can affect your finances because you may need to get it repaired or replaced. Before getting a policy from Meiners Insurance in Avon Lake, OH, here are some questions that you should answer.

What Does a Boat Insurance Cover Entail?

Like any other insurance cover, boat insurance coverage protects your boat in case of damage or loss. The coverage protects many types of watercraft, but it exempts personal watercraft, kayaks, and canoes.

Is It Mandatory to Hold Some Boat Insurance Coverage?

It’s compulsory to insure your boat in some states to get liability coverage, but the state of Ohio hasn’t made this requirement mandatory. The state of Ohio may not compel you to insure your boat, but some marinas in Avon Lake, OH may require you to have some boat insurance cover before you can dock at the marina. If you buy a boat using loan money from a lender, then the lending organization may require you to buy boat insurance.

What Risks Does the Boat Insurance from Meiners Insurance Cover?

A boat insurance cover protects your watercraft against any losses and damages, including;

  • Property damage liability
  • Collision damage
  • Bodily injury
  • Comprehensive coverage for non-collision damage resulting from acts such as vandalism and theft. 

Where Can Boat Insurance Get Acquired?

Well, if you’re from Avon Lake, OH, then the Meiners Insurance Company is your best bet. Visit our company’s website or give us a call, and you’ll get all the help you need to get a reliable boat insurance policy.

Why should I get motorcycle insurance in Ohio?

People that live in the Avon Lake, OH area will need to have some form of transportation to ensure they can get around town. If you are looking for a new vehicle, getting a motorcycle can be a great option. If you have one, it will provide a fun and efficient way to get around the area. Along with your motorcycle, you also need to get into a quality motorcycle insurance plan. 

Insurance Protects Motorcycle Owner

It would be best if you got a motorcycle plan when you are in this area of Ohio to take advantage of the protection that it provides. A motorcycle insurance plan not only protects your vehicle but also offers great liability protection. In total, having this insurance can give you the protection you need to know both you and your asset are properly covered.

Insurance is a Legal Requirement

It would be best if you also got a motorcycle insurance plan because it is a legal requirement. The state of Ohio requires that all motorists have liability insurance when they operate a vehicle. This coverage gives comfort that a driver will pay for restitution if they cause an accident that results in damages. If you do not have this coverage, you will violate state law and face some penalization. 

If you want a new motorcycle insurance plan when you are in the Avon Lake, OH area, it would be smart for you to call Meiners Insurance. The professionals who work at Meiners Insurance can give you a lot of support that will help you to choose a new insurance plan. This will help you ensure that your motorcycle is properly covered and you are also in full insurance compliance. 

Own a Small Business? You Need Umbrella Insurance

Do you own a small business in the Avon Lake, OH area? If so, it is a good idea to consider purchasing umbrella insurance. What is umbrella insurance, and why is it important if you have your own company? Our team at Meiners Insurance has put together a brief guide to help you out.

Understanding Umbrella Insurance

As the name suggests, umbrella insurance extends liability coverage on your home and auto insurance to act as a canopy of additional protection. Should you find yourself the subject of a major lawsuit, this type of policy can help protect you and your personal assets. It is vital to have this type of policy if you own a home, have rental properties, or otherwise enjoy a moderate to high-income level.

Why Small Business Owners Need Umbrella Insurance

As a small business owner, you take on an increased risk versus someone who works for an employer. While you already have adequate commercial insurance to take care of any mishaps, there are times when the coverage available with those types of policies isn’t enough to take care of the whole claim.

In that case, you could be open to a potential lawsuit or other costly claims. The opposing side might try to seize personal assets as part of their settlement, which could mean losing your home or worse. While it sounds like an improbable situation, there are business owners all over Ohio who face this as a real possibility every day. In this instance, having an umbrella policy could help ensure that situation doesn’t happen.

Ready to learn how you can protect your personal assets as a small business owner? Meiners Insurance in Avon Lake, OH is here to help. Please contact us today to schedule an appointment.

What Does Condo Insurance Cover?

You have purchased a condominium, and you want to protect your new home. The most effective way to do that is by obtaining a condo insurance policy. The insurance agents at Meiners Insurance in Avon Lake, OH understand the importance of a comprehensive policy for your condo, but what does condo insurance cover?

A master policy is required to cover all unit owners and their tenants in Ohio, but condo owners can also obtain their own policy. The condo association’s insurance policy may not offer all of the coverages you will want to protect your home. Also, if you purchased your condo by obtaining a bank loan or mortgage, you may be required to have your own condo insurance policy.

Condo Insurance Coverage

When you obtain condo insurance, it will only cover the property inside of your condo since the condo association actually owns the building and their insurance policy covers it. To obtain property and liability insurance for your condo, you will need to have your own policy.

Liability Condo Insurance

Liability condo insurance will cover any injuries sustained by a visitor to your home or damage to their property while they are visiting you at your condo. For example, if someone trips and falls over an object in your living room, your condo liability insurance will cover any injuries they sustain and possibly even lost wages if they have to be off work for a period of time.

Property Insurance

Property insurance for your condo will cover your personal belongings, appliances, furniture, and other items inside your condo that you own. If there is a fire, vandalism, a natural disaster, more items are stolen if your condo is broken into.

To create the type of condo insurance policy that will benefit you the most, you should enlist the help of an experienced insurance agent. The agents at Meiners Insurance in Avon Lake, OH are ready to assist you. Call for an appointment or quote today!

How much auto insurance is enough

Like many types of insurance, auto insurance is not one size fits all. Having an independent agent who knows you and your financial situation is vital for a perfect fit.  Most states have minimum auto insurance requirements, but those minimum amounts aren’t right for everyone. At Meiners Insurance in Avon Lake, OH, we take the time to get to know our clients to make recommendations for coverage that makes sense. 

In Ohio, it is illegal to drive a car without auto insurance, and as the owner, it is your responsibility to make sure if your vehicle is uninsured, no one drives it. The mandated amount of liability insurance is $25,000 for injuries for a single person with a max of $50,000 per accident. Property damage is also $25,000. While this may sound like a lot of money, given the expense of hospital stays and automobiles, it is very limited. If your insurance is not adequate to pay all the medical bills or lost wages, you are responsible for covering the additional amount. Making sure you have more than basic liability is worth discussing with your insurance agent. 

If your vehicle is necessary for your life, you need to make sure if you are in an accident and are responsible, your vehicle will be repaired. This means having collision insurance. But car accidents aren’t the only thing that can damage your car. A storm or a fire could damage your vehicle. It could get stolen. Comprehensive insurance protects you from these types of damage as well as providing glass coverage. When you need your vehicle every day, you need enough auto insurance. 

Contact Meiners Insurance in Avon Lake, OH if you are in the market for auto insurance or you need to make some changes to the coverage you have. 

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