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4 Add-ons to Consider for your Motorcycle Insurance

Insurance protects your vehicle or motorcycle and is also a financial planning tool. Regrettably, the importance of a solid motorcycle insurance plan is widely underrated, yet it can save you when you least expect it. Unfortunately, most riders either ride without insurance or are underinsured. At Meiners Insurance of Avon Lake, OH, we are here to share “add-ons” or “riders” to consider for your motorcycle insurance for optimal protection.

Roadside assistance

No one likes to be stuck on the road. Unfortunately, mechanical and electrical breakdowns are part of bike ownership. While roadside assistance coverage won’t minimize the inconvenience of a breakdown, it will save you financially. Roadside assistance comes to your rescue when your bike stalls miles away from home. Roadside assistance coverage can cover you in case of:

  • Dead battery
  • Lost key
  • Flat key
  • Running out of gas
  • Low fluids

This coverage protects you by providing expenses like gas delivery, towing, battery jumpstarting, and other services listed in your policy.

Total loss coverage

This coverage helps replace your two-wheeler with a newer version when stolen or totaled. This coverage bridges the gap between the “replacement cost value” of the bike and the “actual cash value.” This insurance policy absorbs the depreciation factor, which otherwise you would cover from your pocket.

OEM endorsement

This insurance coverage ensures that only original parts are used when repairing your bike. If the OEM part is unavailable, you receive compensation based on the part’s fair value in the market.

Personal belongings coverage

It covers personal stuff like the helmet, riding gear, and other personal items on your bike when stolen or damaged.

Protect your bike with motorcycle insurance

Need to boost your motorcycle insurance in Avon Lake, OH? Why don’t you get in touch with Meiners Insurance? We will advise on appropriate add-ons suitable for your bike insurance.

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